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Locally sourced meat by attentive knowledgeable staff - Nigel`s Butchers is one of Ashbourne`s longest standing businesses. For over 30 years customers have been served with the finest locally produced stock that is available. Everything is sourced to the highest standard, hung until perfect maturity has been achieved, then butchered on site by our own quality staff.

The traditional Sunday roast dinner, be it beef, pork, lamb or chicken, is a key feature of the culinary week for many families. In recent years, outbreaks of foot and mouth disease have led to the public taking a greater interest in the source of the meat that they consume. This has led to an increase in demand for our high quality local butchery where we are able to supply the finest quality locally sourced produce, and which we include in our home-made produce such as sausages and pies.

Not only do we offer you our wealth of experience and ability to cut the meat to your specific requirements, but because we provide locally sourced meat. We can be certain that our poultry comes from high quality, free range suppliers and that the animals we receive had been bred, kept and slaughtered in optimum conditions which minimises any distress caused to the animal. Total traceability of all beef, pork and lamb is guaranteed - we only buy the best. We also provide a range of free-range poultry. home cured bacon, home made pies, sausages and cooked meats.

Our high quality butchery offer a wide range of catering services such as barbeques, buffets, carvery and hog roasts, each of which are tailored to your requirements by taking into consideration factors such as the number of diners, preferred menu ideas and budgetary constraints.

All our meat is cut and prepared by master quality butchers with years of experience, cut to your specific requirments. Try us, we are sure you will come back for more.

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